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So what is the new idea? As stated earlier, this change is welcome to some but highly problematic to others. The legal, philosophical, and ethical dimensions of the change have generated substantial controversy. While a faith-based initiative has captured the imagination of President Bush it has ignited the indignation of a very skeptical media. Many non-profits are expressing deep suspicion and fear regarding their own roles in such an environment and challenging the legalities of such a direction as it seems by some to be a blatant disregard for separation of church and state.


The faith-based community itself is deeply divided on the topic, questioning whether or not partnering with the government is good for the country or good for the devil. Many feel that any relationship with the government is nothing more than a willing compromise of spiritual values.

For some it is a choice to be made between scriptural instruction and constitutional ideology. I would imagine that many, if not all of you are also anxious to know exactly what our take is on this new mood in Washington? What I would like to do today is to have an open dialogue with you. I do not have any official policy statements.

I do not have any constitutional wisdom or legal opinions on separation of church and state. I can also assure you that we are involved in the process and will continue to leverage every opportunity to keep the Army at the table. So here is what has happened to date. What Has Happened to Date? Let me back up to a few days prior to the signing of the executive order. I received a phone call from the White House inviting me to the announcement of the establishment of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives along with the official signing of the executive orders making this a reality.

Thirty-five representatives of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths along with leaders of community-based organizations met together for a minute period of orientation prior to the arrival of the President. Steven Goldsmith, former mayor of Indianapolis, chaired this session, indicating that the effort that was being announced by the President sought to communicate the following five principles:.

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The establishment of this office was not a signal of government withdrawal from social services but forging a new level of partnership with those who are highly motivated to serve people. That government is not the answer to all problems, but that there must be a working relationship with faith-based and community groups across the country working with government to help individuals in need. The thought behind the establishment of the new office was not that government would favor religion, but rather signal that government was removing hostility to religion.

Individuals seeking need would be given a choice of both religious or secular service providers. While the emphasis up until the point of announcement had been on faith-based organizations, the name of the office would clearly communicate that government would be working in a new way with both faith-based and community efforts.

Why is Bush committed?

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In thinking about this historic moment and wondering why the President is so committed to this direction, I believe it has come out of the experiences of his own life. He has spoken publicly about the chaos and misery of his life and the battle with alcohol. It was the environment of a church and the love of a congregation that enabled him to overcome his own addictions and misery. It may very well be that as he began to formulate in his mind a strong social service policy for the country, it became apparent to him that more people could be served, and more people helped by using the existing networks of faith-based organizations, churches and congregations.

It is simply a strategy of building upon success and utilizing a network of service providers who have been ignored prior to this point in time.

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And I believe that congregations become the key component in his mind. One of the most encouraging and, I believe, brilliant strategies was in the second executive order signed by the President, which set up parallel centers to the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives in five cabinet-level agencies that operate social programs—the Departments of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Justice, Labor, and Education.

Each department was mandated to establish their own offices of Faith-Based Initiatives within 45 days of the executive order. Within their respective agencies, each Center will coordinate efforts to eliminate regulatory, contracting, and other programmatic obstacles to the full participation of faith-based and community organizations in the provision of social services.

The Centers will also work positively to create a hospitable environment for groups that have not traditionally collaborated with government, make sure that departmental communications and technical assistance efforts are opened to faith-based and community organizations, and implement special programs designed to showcase and pioneer innovative efforts.

The administration is also committed to helping states create their own versions of the new White House Office, and supports making Federal matching funds available to help states design and establish state-level offices to advance this empowerment agenda and assist social entrepreneurs across the country. Where Is It All Going? There are many legitimate concerns and yet there remain many positive opportunities.

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As various members of the national headquarters staff have had opportunity to participate in coalition meetings, press conferences and to listen directly to John DiIulio, Stephen Goldsmith and Tommy Thompson, Secretary for Health and Human Services, there seems to be some confusion on immediate direction and differences in policy interpretation about the future. I must emphasize, this is from a personal perspective taken from the other side of the Potomac River.

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However, I see no sign that the initiative is crumbling, but rather, taking on more definition and more shape. Here is where I think it is going. The indispensable and transforming work of faith-based and other charitable service groups will continue to be encouraged by the White House and the five cabinet agencies.

U73 Provides advice on all aspects of running a successful fundraising event: planning, organizing, developing, marketing, running, measuring, and assessing. G73 This special report on funding for faith-based programs includes resources on federal grantmaking. J43 Concerns the process of fundraising and the dynamics and values of faith. C48 This book is divided into two parts: The first part is meant to get your ministry off to a good start, both spiritually and practically; the second part focuses on initial and ongoing provision for your ministry.

It considers some of the ways in which God provides for us generally and more specifically for ministry, includes some very practical advice on sourcing funding for your ministry, and concludes with detailed instructions on how to formulate an effective appeal letter. U5 P68 How did one youth services organization exceed its fundraising goal in the middle of a recession?

Why did another triple its annual donations? How do you work with volunteers who say "I don't want to be a fundraiser"? Their strategies and tools take the mystery out of raising funds for the causes that matter most. E Maybe the cause that keeps you up late at night — and gets you going again early the next morning — is early childhood literacy. Or maybe it's ending homelessness in your community. Or cleaning a watershed, ministering to children in foster care, or running an after school program.

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