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In the vein of Sarah Dunant's New York Times bestseller, Blood and Beauty, Sarah Bower reveals the burning heart of the Borgia family. A Notorious Duke.
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Sins of the House of Borgia

They spent their time sleeping, murdering, and buying their way to infamy, and helped ruin the Catholic church while they were at it. Its popularity just shows how much the Borgias and their crazy antics still fascinate us today. But if even half of the things said about them are true, they should go down in history as one of the most messed-up families ever.

But when he was appointed pope as a compromise between two ruling families at the time, he made sure to set his own family up for the next generation. He was especially kind to his nephew Rodrigo Borgia who he put in charge of the papal army and made a cardinal.

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Despite doing some good things, people immediately resented his obvious nepotism. Perhaps no one has ever been less deserving of becoming a cardinal in the Catholic church than Rodrigo.

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Despite vows of celibacy he had at least five children that we know about. When he wanted to become pope he greased all the necessary palms to make sure it happened, buying himself the position. He ruthlessly suppressed anyone who disagreed with him - and there was a lot to disagree with.

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He lived an extravagant lifestyle, indulged in plenty of sex, and made sure to make huge amounts of money for him and his family. When he actually got around to doing pope stuff, Alexander managed to mess that up too. In order to make money on the side he sold the position of cardinals to the highest bidder.

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Sins of the House of Borgia

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