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The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was a decade-long period of millions of lives and thrust China into 10 years of turmoil, bloodshed.
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Xie Tieli in fact went on to direct several other model opera films, including On the Docks in collaboration with Xie Jin, another noted film director who had made features, such as Two Stage Sisters , that were banned at the advent of the GPCR. However, documentary production, the development of new film equipment and colour stock, as well as training political and otherwise for film personnel did continue.

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Also, foreign films — primarily from North Korea, Albania, and North Vietnam — continued to be shown. Clark decisively demonstrates throughout the book that cultural production across the arts — not just in the realm of the model opera or filmed performances—took place during the GPCR, and often in unlikely places.

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The line between underground and agitprop blurred as Red Guards battled for aesthetic as well as ideological space and took their militant forms of amateur cultural expression to the countryside. Moving from the unofficial to the subversive, literature, in particular, saw the mimeograph machine as a tool of not only political propaganda but also romance novellas, porn, autobiographical accounts, and translations of foreign works. In fact, this book begs for others to go a step further and look even more closely at individual texts for further insight into the ways in which these works made—and continue to make—waves aesthetically as well as politically.

A multidisciplinary journal providing analysis of the latest political, economical, social and cultural trends in the Chinese world.

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    Book Reviews. Estimates range from , to eight million dead, according to a paper by Song Yongyi, a scholar of the Cultural Revolution. The number of people persecuted is usually estimated in the tens of millions. The chaos of the period, mass relocations and the closing of schools are believed to have sharply curbed economic output. The Cultural Revolution began at his behest, and factions battled in his name. He died in custody in , after two years of abuse and denial of medical treatment.


    Zhou Enlai , the second-most senior leader, managed to survive by showing loyalty to Mao. His death from cancer in touched off protests and widespread mourning.

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    She was the leading figure of the Gang of Four, radicals who reached the peak of political power during the Cultural Revolution. He was apparently trying to flee after learning that Mao was turning against him, but the circumstances of his death remain unclear.

    An earlier version of this article misidentified the dynasty during which Hai Rui lived. It was the Ming dynasty, not the Song. Follow Austin Ramzy on Twitter austinramzy. Sign up here.

    Here is an overview of those tumultuous years: What was the Cultural Revolution? When did it take place? How did it begin?

    The Cultural Revolution: all you need to know about China's political convulsion

    Who were the Red Guards? What was the toll? Who were the major participants?